From visions to the reality of clay, Tabitha Boren masters clay to create hand sculpted and wheel thrown art that captures the imagination. Tab has been making handmade pottery for over 20 years. She started at the age of 12 learning from her grandmother Eupal Riley of Peppertown Pottery.   In 1999 Tab started her own pottery business ( Clay Art by Tab Boren ). She is a member of The Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi and she strives to give her customers unique works of art. " The best pieces of pottery that come out of my studio seem to possess a spirit of their own. The pieces either functional or decorative give voice to complex dreams and visions . " remarks Tab.

Each piece is distinctive , bowls,  platters, candle holders, crosses, jewlery,ect. Two pieces may be similar but not exactly alike. Each year there are new additions of glaze colors and new designs  to her line of pottery.  Tab finds great inspiration in nature and along with her husband  Ken Morgan she spends many hours on the hiking trails and back roads of the region searching for new textures, forms and colors to incorporate into her work. Flowing curves and wild untamed shapes that take the spirit on journeys to untouched  wilderness are captured by her attentive eye and translated into works of  art by her skilled hands.

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Tab Boren Pottery

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